NEWS 2019

Nettenergy produces Lignin Oil

October 2019

Nettenergy has produced its first batch of lignin oil from lignin using its new innovative PyroFine technology. The lignin oil has been produced for the SCELIO-4B project as a precursor for marine fuel.



Nettenergy and Rayobioenergia collaborate in Mexico

May 2019

Nettenergy and Rayobioenergia have entered into a Sales and Marketing Agreement for Nettenergy's PyroFlash technology in Mexico.

Nettenergy puts Biochar in Bioplastic

May 2019

Nettenergy has produced Bioplastics with 10 w% of Biochar. The biochar was produced with Nettenergy's PyroFlash installation as part of the Pyrolyse Proeftuin project. This biochar was delivered to the Dutch Biopolymer Application Centre where is was mixed with the bioplastic PLA and Solanyl. Each of them resulted in a different granulate. A movie with the production proces can be found here:
The compounding of biochar with the bioplastics required no further pre-treatment of the biochar itself and the production of the granulates went effortless.


The production of this new material was co-sponsored by the BioBase4SME project.

Nettenergy at Pyrolyse Proeftuin Zuid Nederland

February 2019

Nettenergy has moved its mobile pyrolysis installation to the pyrolysis test facility in Moerdijk, The Netherlands. Here prolonged pyrolysis tests will be performed with various waste biomass streams to arrive at new value chains.



Nettenergy ships first Mobile Pyrolysis Installation to India !!

January 2019

Nettenergy has shipped its mobile pyrolysis installation to India for its customer Shirke Energy. This shipment is an important milestone for the international expansion of Nettenergy as well as entry in the Indian market.
New installations will be build in India itself to serve the domestic market.

Transport of Shirke Installation to India


  NEWS 2018

Nettenergy successfully completes Green Gas Project

November 2018

Nettenergy together with their Belgium partner Victor Goes Green have successfully completed the CrossRoads2 program Green Gas Gasifier. In this project the partners produced green hydrogen gas. The syngas of their gasification technology was upgraded into pure hydrogen using a new developed non-catalytic thermal route. With this route the production of green hydrogen from biomass makes a new entry in the hydrogen economy.

The CrossRoad project was sponsored by Interreg.


 Logo Interreg


Nettenergy signs License Agreement with Shirke Energy

May 2018

Nettenergy is pleased to annouce that it has signed a License Agreement with their Indian partner Shirke Energy for its PyroFlash technology.
The PyroFlash technology is world's first commercially available 2nd generation Flash Pyrolysis technology that yields multiple products simultaneously from biomass.
With this License Agreement Shirke Energy has obtained the right to produce PyroFlash installations in India.

The agreement was signed in the presence of the Dutch Prime Minister Mr Rutte during the Dutch Trade Misson to India.

Signing Ceremony Licensing Agreement

From left to right: Dutch Ambassador Alphonsus Stoelinga, Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Director Abhijeet Shirke of Shirke Energy, Director Rob Vasbinder of Nettenergy, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag, Mr. Hans de Boer, president of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW).


Nettenergy joins Dutch Trade Mission to India

May 2018

On May 23-25 Nettenergy joins the largest Trade Mission to India ever. More than 100 companies,will be accompanied by the Prime Minister and four Ministers.
Nettenergy will take part in the Agri Food & Horticulture program.


Nettenergy's partner SETIVA in WOW! project

March 2018

Nettenergy's Dutch partner SETIVA becomes a PyroFlash technology provider in the WOW! project - Wider business Opportunities for Wastewater . This large Interreg project (6.5 MM Euro) aims for better use of materials obtained from waste water. SETIVA will convert the cellulose material into char, oil and energy. For this a PyroFlash installation will be placed at Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe in The Netherlands. This succes follows earlier trials with cellulose in a PyroFlash installation starting in 2014.

Nettenergy produces ultra dry pyrolysis oil

 January 2018

As a result of its ongoing internal PyroRefinery R&D program a pyrolysis oil upgrading installation has been constructed. It allows the removal of all the water from the wet or dry pyrolysis oil. This leads to a high viscous oil, solid at room temperature.  The removed water fraction is high in concentration of light organic substanbces such as acetic acid, acetol. As can be seen from below picture the ultra dry pyrolysis oil becomes brittle at temperatures below 10C.



Nettenergy partner in Green Gas Gasifier Project

January 2018

Nettenergy together with the Belgium partner Victor Goes Green have entered into a CrossRoads2 program to combine their efforts in gasifier technology. They will extend their gasifiers with a synthesis loop to convert biomass into syngas and transform the syngas into green gas (methane) that could be used into the national gas grid. The CrossRoad project is sponsored by Interreg.


 Logo Interreg

Press Release Green Gas Gasifier

  NEWS 2017

Nettenergy invited speaker at ICCTBA 2017

February 1st  2017

Nettenergy's CEO Mr. Rob Vasbinder was an invited speaker to the ICCTBA 2017 conference held on february 3-4 2017 in Pune, India. The topic of this conference was "Current Trends in Bioenergy and its Applications"




Nettenergy and PyroTech Energy collaborate in Australia and South Pacific

January 1st 2017

Nettenergy and PyroTech Energy have entered into an agreement to sell and use Nettenergy's PyroFlash technology in Australia and South Pacific

Press Release PyroTech Energy

LogoPyroTech Energy

Nettenergy and Universum Invenio collaborate in the USA and Ukraine

January 1st 2017

Nettenergy and Universum Invenio have entered into an agreement to sell and use Nettenergy's PyroFlash technology in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and the Ukraine.

Press Release Universum Invenio

Logo Universum INVENIO LTD

  NEWS 2016

Nettenergy partner in Pyrolysis Cluster Moerdijk

December 5, 2016

In this project four different pyrolysis techniques will be used to transfer waste materials into valuable products and energy.

The project team consists of: Havenschap Moerdijk , Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij REWIN West-Brabant, Avans Hogeschool, Bewa Groep Moerdijk, SABIC Petrochemicals, Goodfuels Marine, Patpert Teknow Systems, Nettenergy, Nimaro Ageno Consult, CharcoTec, Waste4ME, DSM R&D Solutions, Delphy en TU Eindhoven

The project is supported by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO), the Dutch central government and the provinces of Noord Brabant.

Press Release Pyrolysis Cluster


Nettenergy and Renewable Carbon & Electric collaborate in the USA

October 1st 2016

Nettenergy and Renewable Carbon & Electric have entered into an agreement to sell and use Nettenergy's PyroFlash technology in the Appalachian region of the Eastern United States.

Press Release RCE

Logo Renewable Carbon


Nettenergy nominated for SME Innovation Top 100

July 5, 2016

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce has announced the names of the 100 most innovative companies in the SME sector. On September 29th, 2016, during the Day of Innovation, the final ranking is made known and we will learn which company is named the most innovative SME of 2016. You will find our nomination here.


Nettenergy partner in SCeLio-4B Project

January 5, 2016

In this project, SCeLiO-4B (Sugars, Cellulose and Lignin Scale-Up into BioBased Building Blocks) the partners will collaborate on the development, testing and upscaling of innovative processes related to bio-aromatics.

The SceLiO-4B project has a budget of € 11,3 million. The project is supported by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO), the Dutch central government and the provinces of Noord Brabant and Limburg, who have contributed € 4,5 million from the OP-ZUID program  .


  NEWS 2015

Nettenergy joins CSR Netherlands

November 25, 2015

Nettenergy has joined CSR Netherlands. CSR Netherlands is the Centre of Excellence for Dutch companies that are striving towards corporate social responsibility. More than 2000 companies are affiliated with this networking organization.

MVO logo


Startup NettCity wins Dutch "Get In The Ring" Competition 2015

November 19, 2015

NettCity has won the heavy weight class for startups in the Dutch Final of the international Get In The Ring Competition and will now continu for the European final in London, UK.
Get in the Ring the Netherlands is organized by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) and powered by EY, ING and APM Terminals.

The ultimate Global Final in Medellin, Colombia, takes place in March 2016 during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2016.

Nettenergy and Biostruction start collaboration on the Balkan region.

November 18, 2015

Nettenergy and Biostruction Energy Engineering from Greece have entered into an agreement to sell and use Nettenergy's PyroFlash technology in Greece, Burlgaria, Cyprus, Serbia and Montenegro.


Startup NettCity in top 20 initiatives to boost Rotterdam's economical transition

November 17, 2015

NettCity has been selected as one of the top 20 initiatives to boost Rotterdams transition into the biobased economy. As a result of this selection NettCity will recieve full support to establish the first commercial installation of the Pyroflash installation at the city's waste station. Rotterdam will be the first of initially 10 installations planned for The Netherlands.


Nettenergy @ pyrolysis symposium Helicon

 October 15, 2015

Nettenergy gave a stunning demonstration of its PyroFlash technology at the pyrolysis symposium organized by the Helicon School of Green Engineering in Boxtel, The Netherlands.



Nettenergy launches new startup NettCity

June 26, 2015

Nettenergy together with partners have launched a new startup called NettCity. NettCity will be an operating company that uses Nettenergy's PyroFlash installations at cities waste facilities. NettCity will process woody biomass from the city into electricty as well as the products biochar, pyrolysis oil and wood vinegar. The electricity is given back to the City to support their circular economy. NettCity will sell the products to the market. Initially NettCity will focus on The Netherlands but parallel activities will be initiated in countries throughout Europe.


Nettenergy selects Kemper en van Twist for Gasgenerators

June 26, 2015

Nettenergy will use the gasgenerators of Kemper en van Twist (KVT) to convert the production gas of its PyroFlash installations into electricity. The gasgenerators of KVT are based on gas engines of Perkins. With this Nettenergy is assured from a world-wide support.



Nettenergy and SETIVA collaborate on sewage water purification 

May 16, 2015

Nettenergy and Setiva have reached a world-wide agreement to apply Nettenergy's PyroFlash technology in the sewage water purification world. With this agreement Setiva will obtain exclusive marketing and licensing rights to sell and manufacture PyroFlash installations in this market segment.

Setiva Logo


Nettenergy selects Pulsed Heat as Engineering and Equipment Manufacturer

April 27, 2015

Nettenergy has selected the Dutch Firm Pulsed Heat for the engineering and construction of its PyroFlash installations. By outsourcing this activity Nettenergy can maintain its focus on developing new technologies for the biobased economy. The sales and marketing of the installations will remain with NettEnergy.

Shirke Energy orders first PyroFlash Installation for India

March 9, 2015

Nettenergy received its first international order for a Mobile PyroFlash installation from Shirke BioFuels. This order is a landmark for Nettenergy's mobile pyrolysis technology and is proof that the mobile concepts and the simultaneous production of multiple products is a winning combination.

Shirke Energy Logo


Nettenergy and Fairchar combine forces to promote biochar

February 1, 2015

Nettenergy and Fairchar will collaborate in promoting the use of biochar for soil restoration, reforestation, CO2 capture, clean fuel, and improvement of food production and health. FairChar's prime focus is on Africa to establish communities in using biochar to improve their welfare. Using Nettenergy's Pyroflash installation the biochar is produced as well as oil for heating, wood vinegar as a natural pesticide and electrcity.



  NEWS 2014


Nettenergy & Shirke Energy start a Joint Venture!

October 31, 2014

Nettenergy and Shirke Energy from India have started an extensive collaboration agreement to market and license Nettenergy's PyroFlash technology in parts of Asia and Africa.

The press release can be found here .

Dr. Abhijeet Shirke neemt eerst olie in ontvangst

Dr. Abhijeet Shirke receives the first oil for the Indian market.


Nettenergy at the World Port Days in Rotterdam

September 8, 2014

Nettenergy showed its mobile pyrolysis installation at the World Port Days of Rotterdam. This was a 3-day event. The installation was lifted on a ponton.

PyroFlash installatie in de lucht

Installatie op het ponton


Nettenergy hosts University from Thailand

September 1, 2014

Nettenergy was visited by the Mahasarakham University from Thailand. The visitors were very impressed by the mobile PyroFlash installation.

Asst.Prof.Dr.Adisak Pattiya and Dr. Nuwong Chollacoop of the Biofuel Development Bureau DEDE.

Nettenergy at CleanTech Business Cafe

15 july 2014

Nettenergy gave a pitch of its PyroFlash technology at the Cleantech Business Cafe at Rotterdam.

 Clean Tech Delta

Nettenergy demonstrates mobile PyroFlash installation

3 july 2014

Nettenergy gave a demonstration of its mobile PyroFlash installation at the Demonstration Day of Harvesting and Processing of Biomass at Rosmalen (NL) . In front of the public the pyrolysis of wood into biochar, pyrolysis oil, woodgas and electricity was shown.


Demo Mobile Pyrolysis Installation

Nettenergy demonstrates mobile PyroFlash installation

4 june 2014

Nettenergy gave a demonstration of its mobile PyroFlash installation at the Green Energy Day at Werkhoven (NL) . In front of the public the pyrolysis of wood into biochar, pyrolysis oil, woodgas and electricity was shown.

  NEWS 2013

Nettenergy launches mobile PyroFlash installation

5 november 2013

Nettenergy demonstrates its revolutionary PyroFlash technology to the public. For the first time people from industry and government organisations could see the mobile installation in action, The PyroFlash technology is the first technology in the world that produces 2nd generation pyrolysis oil.
The installation is extremely compact: on 1.5 m2 (!) the installation processes 50-100 kg/h biomass directly into bio char, wood acid, pyrolysis oils and wood gas.

Mobile PyroFlash InstalllationMobile PyroFlash InstalllationMobile PyroFlash Installlation

Nettenergy opens office at the Green Chemistry Campus

1 october 2013

Nettenergy has opened an office at the Green Chemistry Campus located in Bergen op Zoom (NL). Nettenergy will use the lab facilities of SABIC to perform research into chemicals derived from wood acid and pyrolysis oil produced by the PyroFlash process.

Nettenergy en Nimaro Ageno Consult start collaboration

1 augustus 2013

Nettenergy en Nimaro Ageno Consult have entered into a collaboration agreement to produce green chemical materials from the products produced by Nettenergy's Pyroflash technology. To achieve this a broad R&D program has been established with focus on the following area's: individual chemial components, bio-aromatics, coatings, deicers.

MIT Subsidy awarded

17 juli 2013

Nettenergy en Nimaro Ageno Consult have been awarded an MIT subsidy for their program ""Durable products from Mobile Flash Pyrolysis Units""

With the MIT program the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs stimulates innovation in SBE's around its so-called "Topsectors". One of the them is the chemical industry. For a duration of two years Nettenergy and Nimaro Ageno Consult will research which valuable chemical components can be produced.

The basis for the research are the products produced by the innovative PyroFlash technology that simultaneously produces biochar, wood acid and 2nd generation pyrolysis oil (3% water, HHV of 24 MJ/kg).

PyroBurn Succes!

 17 juli 2013

Nettenergy has successfully applied its 2nd generation pyrolysis oil into a burner. No co-firing of other fuels was necessary. This is due to the high heating value of the oil with a HHV of 24 MJ/kg in comparison to 1st generation pyrolysis oil with a heating value of 15 MJ/kg.

  NEWS 2012

PyroGasification Succes!

27 october 2012

Nettenergy has successfully converted biochar into synthesis gas (CO + H2). By using a gas engine this gas produced elektricity to the public grid.
By producing synthesis gas from it, biochar has found another application next to being an improvement to the soil and a replacement for fossil fuel based fertilizers.

PyroGasification R&D program

30 september 2012

Nettenergy has started a new research program to convert biochar and pyrolysis oil produced by its PyroFlash process into synthesis gas (CO + H2). This gas can then be used by gas engines or serve as a basis for chemicals such as ammonia and methanol. Thru the Fischer-Tropsch process also liquid fuels for the transport sector can be produced.

Article in Dutch magazine

18 juni 2012

Nettenergy has written a letter to the Dutch magazine Technisch Weekblad titled "Wood deserves Biorefining". In this article Nettenergy promotes the use of wood for producing chemicals rather than using it for energy purposes. At the same time Nettenergy promotes the installation of a new subsidy program called the SDC, Subsidie Duurzame Chemie. This as a counterpart to the existing SDE+ program that only support energy based solutions. The Dutch government has to put more focus on producing biobased chemicals to become a leader in this field.

You will find the article here (in Dutch).

PyroRefinery R&D programma

zondag 17 juni 2012

Nettenergy has launched a new research program to retrieve valuable chemical componentsfrom the products of the PyroFlash process. The pyroligneous oil and acid contains organic acids, aldehydes, phenols and lactones that can be used by the food and chemical industry.

With PyroRefinery an impuls is given to the biorefining of woody biomass.

PyroThrust is launched!

Nettenergy has launched a new research program in which pyrolyis oil is used as fuel for pulse-jet engines.

The research program is called PyroThrust. In pulse-jet engines the combustion provides both heat and thrust.

The engines are designed by Nettenergy and run on Nettoil a pyrolysis oil produced by Nettenergy.

This pyrolysis oil is produced using the PyroFlash technology. A demonstration video can be found here.

  NEWS 2011

PyroBurn R&D program

Nettenergy has launched an R&D program to use pyrolysis oil in commercially available burners. The research is aimed at adapting the burners and to make pyrolysis oil available as burner fuel for kettles.

Nettenergy supplies to grid!

Nettenergy supplied for the first time electricity to the national grid.

The adapted stationary diesel engine ran on Nettoil, a pyrolysis oil produced by Nettenergy. This oil was produced using the PyroFlash technology.

This first return delivery to the grid shows that co-generation plants based on pyrolysis oil can be realized.

This will open a new route for waste wood to work for sustainable energy generation.

PyroEngine has started!

Nettenergy has launched an R&D program to modify standard stationay diesel engines to use the pyrolysis oil produced by the PyroFlash process. By enabling these engines to use pyrolysis oil rather than diesel new applications in the area of CHP installations becomes possible. 

Nettenergy promotes mobile pyrolysis plants.

Nettenergy is planning to use its PyroFlash technology in mobile pyrolysis plants. With this concept local biomass can be transformed into oil locally and this oil can then be used for electricity and heat generation.

This will enable owners of biomass to add value to their biomass themselves.