The concept is based on a mobile pyrolysis plant and has four principles:

1) A mobile unit goes to the biomass storage location

2) It locally converts biomass into biochar, pyrolysis oil (*), wood vinegar(*) and woodgas - (*) optional products

3) The woodgas is used locally to generate electricity and heat

4) The liquid and solid products are used locally or at another facilty.

Why this concept?

This concept was introduced by Nettenergy as we recognize that central processing of biomass is in the long term not viable. Because centralized processing always remain dependent on the owners of biomass. If these owners increase the price of their biomass most central plants are no longer economically viable. Examples can be found for plants based on rapeseed or palm oil.

Benefits of the concept

Upgrading biomass themselves
Instead of a cost biomass can now be upgraded to new products with a higher market value.

Capital costs are lower
Use can be made of existing infrastructures that collect biomass already. New ground doesn't need to be purchased.

Lower transport costs
Biomass does not need to be transported. The products have a much higher energy density and/or specific density.

Speed of implementation
The permits to operate mobile installation are obtained faster. Mobile units can be manufactured in months.

This concept is ideal for municipalities, forest owners and farmers.